This Is Our Story.Now It's Yours.


這是當初 我們開始進行策劃MyTrueTv時所秉承不變的核心理念。





 MyTrueTv就像是一顆正在萌芽的生命樹,而 "「愛」與「真」是我們唯一的堅持"。





About MyTrueTv 

I have been regularly thinking about the following question.

“How can we provide a platform for spiritual communication which contains the True Buddha Dharma teachings as well as reaching out to everyone in this modern world of digital communication?” 

That is our vision we want to achieve when we first started MyTrueTv. 

MyTrueTv begins its journey from ‘Love’ and expresses it through ‘Truth’.

Our vision lies at the heart of everything we do. Our aims are to:

• create strong values and spread them to everyone in the world.

• continue improving and learning throughout our lives.

• search for the right direction, purpose and meaning of our lives. 

We believe that ‘Love’ and ‘Truth’ provide us with a source of powerful energy that assists us in our daily lives.

MyTrueTv is now born with a mission. 

MyTrueTv hopes to deliver touching moments. We hope you will feel our commitment and conviction when you are with us and able to share it with those around you. We hope MyTrueTv will be your opportunity to share your ‘Love’ and ‘Kindness’ in society, and be part of your community. 

MyTrueTv will be like a Tree of Life that you can see the roots growing day-by-day. We invite you to walk with us and we will walk with you in your life through Love and Truth, which are our key doctrines to help us grow in our spiritual journey. 

MyTrueTv: mesmerised by the stories, touching your hearts and enriching your lives!